Handmade leather shoes

Children look on the world with sparks in their eyes. They are amazed by little and ordinary things. Their eyes shine when they playing and exploring the world. They are fascinated, when they can play freely with their friends or how quickly can eat the whole chocolate.

The magical think is that each child is special and original, like their feet. And we love it!

We want to support this beautiful diversity of children uniqueness. Our big dream is making shoes for all children feet. We wish to see a sparkle in children eyes, when they choosing new shoes. We want to change this ordinary moment for exiting experience.

Unique children with unique shoes.

Shopping like a game

Children enjoying shopping in Pegres Shops! Fun foot gauges and creative children corners creates smile on their faces. And when finally leaving with new shoes in a stylish Pegres backpack, their eyes shining.

Tradition and quality

Leather home made shoes are loved by everyone for quality and tradition. Each shoe passes under the hands of several leather manufacturing experts and that’s why the Pegres shoes belongs to best quality shoes in Europe.

For all children

In Pegres Shops we want to make happy children and theire parents too. Therefore you can find classic shoes and BarePegres shoes in our collections. Even those with a high instep or plump feet will choose. In our stores we are helping everyone to select the right shoes.

Natural Design

We love nature for many reasons as beautiful colors and patterns. That’s why the Pegres shoes collections is inspired by nature. From shoe color shades to materials used in their manufacture.


Why did we open Pegres Shop

We wanted to open a shoe store where every mum can choose the best quality handmade leather shoes with professional customer care.

production started
satisfied customers
years of experience
store opening

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